Made In England 1460 Vintage Black


$339.00 $199.00


The Made in England Vintage collection is handcrafted by our Northamptonshire factory cobblers using original construction techniques. They also use Quilon, our rare, original specification Dr. Martens leather. Thick and full-grain with a matte finish, this leather only gets better with age.

This unisex 1460 boot is made with all the classic Doc’s DNA. This includes grooved sides, a heel-loop and also yellow stitching. The 1460 Black Vintage also has a high quality leather upper and has the famous air-cushioned sole. It has good abrasion, support and it’s slip resistant. Also, the sole and upper is heat sealed with glue and then sewn together with the iconic yellow stitch.  They are made to last and are a great investment shoe, as they get better and better with time.

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